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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to Find Coupons

In additon to finding coupons in the Sunday Washington Post, you can find the many of the same coupons as printable internet coupons on and These can often be doubled or tripled just like the regular manufacturer coupons that you find in the Sunday paper. You will need to download a coupon tool in order to print them.

Usually for about $2.00 you can buy a newspaper that will have coupon inserts. Trading coupons is a good way to collect the coupons that you'll actually use. Ask around and see if any family or friends would be willing to give you their coupon inserts after they've picked through what they need. You can go to the recycling center to get old newspapers that might have coupon inserts or you can also contact your newspaper office and see if they would sell you old Sunday papers at a discount.

  • Check on Craigslist for postings about community coupon trading groups.
  • Make sure your contact information for your store membership cards are accurate so that you can receive coupons by mail and email.
  • Email the companies you like and tell them how much you love their products. I recently emailed a company and explained that I was a new customer and looked forward to trying their entire product line. I received about $15 in coupons!
  • Go to the websites of companies you like and see if they offer email coupon specials. Often they will email you when they have printable coupons available on their website.
  • Don't forget about the blinkies inside grocery stores. Blinkies are the coupon dispensors located by products. Also, look for coupons attached to product packaging. Keep the coupons that print out with receipts.

If this sounds like too much work, go to YouTube to watch videos of people that have saved thousands and gotten lots of free stuff using coupons! This video is kind of an extreme example of stockpiling items from using coupons, but the narration is entertaining.

  • Note: Setup a free email account online just for receiving coupons. This way your everyday personal or work email account won't be overwhelmed with spam. Some websites for products will require java to be enabled on your web browser. Websites such as will require you to download a tool for printing coupons. This allows them to keep track of how many coupons you've printed based on your IP address because some people will come along and print zillions of coupons. I'm not a fan of coupon tool downloads from websites such as because it causes my anti-malware/virus program to go haywire. Before downloading any such tools, you may want to google the website to see if anyone has had any problems.

Now go get some coupons!


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