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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Harris Teeter Triple Coupons: Items Between $1.01 to $2.00

Harris Teeter is tripling coupons until May 4th, 2010. Here are the coupon matchups for items at Harris Teeter that you can get for $1.01 to $2.00. This list was provided by jleonard2004 of Whew! It's a long list. The items typed in purple are for coupons that expire on April 30th, 2010.

~Breyers Inspirations 0.50/1(EXP 6/20, 3/28 SS)=1.29/1

~Duncan Hines 100% Whole Grain Muffins 0.75/1 BLINKIE=1.54/1

~Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage 0.55/1 HOMEMAILER=1.84/1

~Ban Deodorant 0.40/1(EXP 6/5, 4/18 SS)=1.79/1

~JFG Coffee(BRICK) 0.75/1(EXP 6/30, 3/21 SS)=1.04/1

~New York Texas Toast 0.55/1 BLINKIE=1.50/1

~Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Bacon 0.75/1(EXP X/XX, 3/21 SS)=1.44/1

~Oscar Mayer Bacon 0.75/1(EXP X/XX, 3/21 SS)=1.75/1

~Reynolds Wrap; 37.5 SQ FT 0.75/1(EXP 5/31, 4/18 SS)=1.40/1

~Purex Fabric Softner 0.55/1(EXP 5/15, 4/18 RP)=1.34/1

~Lawrys Marinade 0.50/1(EXP 5/16, 4/18 RP)=1.65/1

~Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=1.25/1

~Lucky Charms; 11.5 oz 0.55/1 IP: (HERE)=1.14/1

~Oxiclean Max Force Gel Stick 0.75/1(EXP 6/30, 4/25 SS)=1.24/1

~Dole Fruit Bowls in Gel/Parfait Bowls 0.75/2(EXP 6/30, 4/25 SS)=3.13/2

~Toilet Bowl Cleaner 0.50/1(EXP 5/25, 4/25 SS)=1.39/1

~Lysol All Purpose Anti Bacterial Cleaners 0.50/1(EXP 5/25, 4/25 SS)=1.39/1

~Palmolive Dish Liquid 0.70/1(EXP 5/15, 4/25 S)=1.59/1

~Colgate Kids Toothbrush 0.50/1(EXP 5/15, 4/25 SS)=1.45/1

~Colgate Kids Toothpaste 0.50/1(EXP 5/15, 4/25 SS)=1.49/1

~Newman's Own Pasta Sauce 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=1.49/1

~Newman's Own Salsa 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=1.69/1

~Newman's Own Organic Pasta Sauce 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=1.99/1

~Totino's Pizza Rolls 0.40/2(EXP 6/12, 4/18 SS)=3.30/2

~Pepperidge Farm Deli Swirl Rye and Pumpernickel Bread 0.50/1(EXP 7/18, 4/25 SS)=1.49/1

~Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables 0.60/3(EXP 5/22)=3.57/3

~Bob Evans Sausage 0.35/1 IP: (HERE)=1.94/1

~Act II Popcorn 0.40/1(EXP 4/30, 2/28 SS)=1.35/1

~Red Baron Single Serves 0.75/1(EXP 5/2, 2/28 SS)=1.94/1

~Betty Crocker Cake Mix and Frosting Tub 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=1.46/1

~Texas Garlic Toast 0.40/1(EXP 6/14, 3/14 SS)=1.95/1

~Yoplait Kids Yogurt 0.40/1 IP: (HERE)=1.30/1

~Land o Lakes Margarine; 4 Stick $0.50/2(EXP 5/8, 3/14 SS)=1.88/2

~KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce $0.50/1(EXP 5/15 3/14 SS)=0.65/1

~Listerine Pocketmist $0.50/1(EXP 1/31/11, 1/3 RP; 12/31)=1.89/1

~Smuckers Concord Grape Jelly; 12 oz $0.25/1(EXP 5/31, 2/21 RP)=1.24/1

~Smuckers Jelly; 18oz Glass Jar $0.25/1(EXP 5/31, 2/21 RP)=1.70/1

~Smuckers Squeeze Jelly; 20oz $0.25/1(EXP 5/31, 2/21 RP)=1.70/1

~Smuckers Concord Grape Jelly; 32oz $0.25/1(EXP 5/31, 2/21 RP)=2.00/1

~Dial Handsoap $0.35/1(EXP 5/30)=1.29/1

~Renuzit Singles $0.55/3(EXP 4/30)=3.37/3

~Jimmy Dean Breakfast Entrees $0.75/1(EXP 5/2)=1.10/1

~Dole Frozen Fruit $0.75/1(EXP 5/7)=1.44/1

~Charmin FreshMate Clothes $0.25/1(EXP 4/30)=1.74/1

~Dawn Hand Renewal $0.50/1(EXP 4/30)=1.65/1

~Bonce 40CT Dryer Sheets $0.25/1(EXP 4/30)=1.74/1

~Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel $0.55/1(EXP 4/30)=1.34/1

~Zest Bar Pack; 3 CT $0.35/1(EXP 4/30)=1.54/1

~Ivory Skin Cleanser Refill $0.25/1(EXP 4/30)=1.54

~Mahatma Rice; 28oz $0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 2/8 RP)=1.19/1

~Mahatma Rice; 32oz $0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 2/8 RP)=1.35/1

~Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice $0.75/2(EXP 5/23, 3/28 RP)=1.73/2

~Chock Full o' Nuts Ground Regular Coffee; 13 oz $0.75/1(EXP 5/31, 3/28 SS)=1.74/1

~Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $0.40/1(EXP 5/22)=1.19/1

~Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $0.40/2(EXP 6/19)=2.10/2

~Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls $0.40/2(EXP 6/19)=2.38/2

~Bisquick, 40oz $0.50/1(EXP 5/22)=1.99/1

~Sister Schubert's Yeast/Dinner Rolls $0.50/1(EXP 6/30)=1.95/1

~Reddi Whip $0.50/1(EXP 5/15)=1.25/1

~ALL other Parkay $0.75/1(EXP 5/15)=1.45/2

~Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats $0.60/1(EXP 4/30, 2/7 SS)=1.19/1

~Crest Toothpaste $0.50/1(EXP 4/30, 3/14 RP)=1.49/1

~Marzetti Dressing $0.75/1(EXP 6/30, 3/21 SS)=1.54/1-1.74/1

~Yoplait Fiber One $0.50/1(EXP 5/15, 3/21 SS)=1.09/1

~Yoplait Delights Yogurt $0.50/1(EXP 5/15, 3/21 SS; EXP 6/19, 4/25 RP))=1.49/1

~Yoplait Gogurt $0.75/2(EXP 5/15, 3/21 SS; EXP 6/12, 4/18 SS)=1.75/2

~YoPlus Yogurt $0.50/1(EXP 5/15, 3/21 SS; EXP 6/12, 4/18 SS)=1.09/1

~Cheerios Snack Mix $0.50/1(EXP 5/15, 3/21 SS)=1.69/1

~French's Yellow Mustard; 14oz $0.30/1(EXP 5/31, 3/21 SS)=1.05/1

~French's Yellow Mustard; 20oz $0.30/1(EXP 5/31, 3/21 SS)=1.79/1

~Mazola Cooking Spray $0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 3/21 SS)=1.49/1

~Fantastik $0.75/1(EXP 5/16, 3/21 SS)=1.04/1

~Shout Stain Remover $0.55/1(EXP 5/1, 3/21 SS)=1.64/1

~Reynolds Oven Bags; 5CT $0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 3/21 SS)=1.79/1

~State Fair Corn Dogs $0.55/1(EXP 10/31, 2/14 RP)=1.54/1

~Sun Detergent $0.75/1(EXP 5/9, 2/14 RP)=1.24/1

~Vanity Fair Plates or Bowls $0.50/1(EXP 6/30, 3/14 RP)=1.89/1

~Dixie Grab N Go Cups $0.35/1(EXP 6/14, 3/14 RP)=1.94/1

~Folgers Coffee(BRICK) $0.75/1(EXP 5/16, 4/25 RP)=1.04/1

~Hillshire Farms Lunchmeat; 7-9 oz Ultra Thin or Hearty Sliced 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=2.00/1


Harris Teeter Triple Coupons: Items for $1.00 or less

Harris Teeter is tripling coupons until May 4th, 2010. Here are the coupon matchups for items at Harris Teeter that you can get for $1.00 or less. This list was provided by jleonard2004 of

~Betty Crocker Warm Delights $0.75/1(EXP 5/22)=0.10/1-0.15/1

~Green Giant Valley Fresh Vegetables 0.40/1(EXP 5/22, 3/28 SS)=0.09/1

~Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 0.50/2 3/7 SS=1.08/2

~Nestle Flips 0.50/1(EXP 5/30, 4/11 RP)=0.49/1

~Smart Balance Sour Cream 0.55/1 BLINKIE=0.14/1

~Pillsbury Biscuits(5 CT Grands JR) 0.75/3 BLINKIE=0.72/3

~Shredded Sargento Cheese*(8oz)* 0.40/1 PEELIE=0.44/1

~Hamburger Helper 0.75/3(EXP X/XX, X/XX XX)=0.75/3

~Green Works Cleaners(Variety priced at 2.99) 0.75/1 IP: (HERE)=0.74/1

~Kraft 100 Cal Cheese Bites 0.75/1 BLINKIE=0.54/1

~Puffs Plus; 60CT 0.50/1 HOMEMAILER(vocalpoint)=0.25/1

~French's Spicy Brown Mustard 0.50/1 (EXP X/XX, X/XX XX)=0.50/1

~Pepperidge Farm Sliced Italian Bread w/Seasame Seeds 0.55/1 IP: (HERE)=0.84/1

~Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis 0.50/1(EXP 5/16, 4/18 SS)=0.34/1

~Ortega Taco Sauce 0.75/2(EXP 7/31, 4/18 SS)=1.50/2

~Ortega Salsa 0.75/2(EXP 7/31, 4/18 SS)=1.75/2

~Lawry's Garlic Salt 0.50/1(EXP 5/16, 4/18 RP)=0.15/1

~Newman's Own Organic Dog Food 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=0.19/1

~Mahatma Rice; 10oz $0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 2/8 RP; EXP 7/31, 4/25 RP)=0.15/1

~Mahatma Rice; 16oz $0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 2/8 RP; EXP 7/31, 4/25 RP)=0.19/1

~Country Crock Stick Spread $0.40/1(EXP 5/2)=0.19/1

~Charmin To Go $0.25/1(EXP 4/30)=0.25/1

~Charmin Wipes To Go $0.25/1(EXP 4/30)=0.25/1

~Arm and Hammer Spray Shower Cleaner 0.75/1 IP: (HERE)=0.34/1

~Birds Eye(NOT STEAMFRESH) 0.50/1 (EXP 5/16, 4/18 SS)=0.25/1

~Heinz Worcestershire Sauce 0.75/1 IP: (HERE)=0.24/1

~Colgate Toothpaste 0.75/1(EXP 5/15, 4/25 SS)=1.00/1

~Planters Big Nut Bars 0.75/1(EXP 7/31, 4/25 SS)=0.25/1

~Danactive Smoothies 0.75/1(EXP 4/30, 2/28 SS)=0.25/1

~Yoplait Greek Yogurt $0.30/1(EXP 5/22)=0.29/1

~Degree Anti-Perspirant/Dep $0.75/2(EXP 5/23, 4/25 RP)=0.75/2

~Lance Cracker 100 Calorie Pack $0.55/1(EXP 4/30, 1/17 SS)=0.85/1

~Tabasco Sauce. 2oz 0.50/1(EXP 6/6, 4/25 SS)=0.39/1

~Texas Toast Croutons $0.50/1(EXP 6/30, 3/21 SS)=0.35/1

~Dole 8oz Canned Pineapple $0.55/2(EXP 5/22, 3/21 SS)=0.65/2

~Yoplait Yogurt;4-8oz 0.40/6 4/18 SS=1.80/6

~Land O Lakes Half and Half; Pint $0.45/1(EXP 4/30)=0.44/1

~Viva Single Roll 0.40/1(EXP 6/6, 4/25 SS)=0.47/1

~Steamfresh(certain varieities) 0.50/1(EXP 5/16, 4/18 SS)=0.50/1

~Yoplait Singles Cup $0.50/8(EXP 6/19, 4/25 RP)=2.50/8

~Parkay Quarters $0.75/2(EXP 5/15)=1.05/2

~Speedstick(several 2.7oz varieties) 0.50/1(EXP 5/15, 4/25 SS)=0.50/1 **this is a sales price**

~Betty Crocker POUCH Instant Potatoes 0.25/1(EXP 5/22)=0.50/1

~Splenda Sweetner Product; 1.9oz 0.55/1(EXP 4/30, 2/8 SS)=0.54/1

~French's Yellow Mustard; 8 & 9oz $0.30/1(EXP 5/31, 3/21 SS)=0.69/1

~Band Aids(Various packs, all 3.19 each) 0.50/1(EXP 6/30, 4/25 SS)=0.49/1

~KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce $0.50/1(EXP 5/15 3/14 SS)=0.65/1

~Ivory bar Soap; 9.5 oz $0.25/1(EXP 4/30)=0.64/1

~Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls; 5CT 0.75/2 IP: (HERE)=1.33/2

~Pillsbury Grands Jr Biscuits; 5 count $0.35/3(EXP 6/19; EXP 5/1, 2/7 SS)=1.95/3

~Texas Toast Tortilla Strips $0.50/1(EXP 6/30, 3/21 SS)=0.69/1

~Scotts Flushable Wipes 0.50/1(EXP 5/30, 4/18 SS)=0.69/1

~Yoplait Gogurt $0.35/1(EXP 5/15, 3/21 SS; EXP 6/12 4/18 SS)=0.95/1

~Land o Lakes Spreadable Butter 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=0.69/1

~Colgate Toothbrush 0.75/1(EXP 5/15, 4/25 SS)=0.70/1

~Swanson 26oz Broth Carton 0.75/1 IP: (HERE)=0.74/1

~Summer's Eve Feminine Cleaning Cloths 0.75/1 IP: (HERE)=0.74/1

~Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls $0.75/1(EXP 5/2)=0.75/1

~Go-Gurt 0.40/1 IP: (HERE)=0.80/1

~Archway Cookies 0.55/1(EXP 5/31, 4/25 SS)=0.85/1

~Land o Lakes Fresh Buttery Spread 0.50/1(EXP 5/8, 3/14 SS)=0.85/1

~Betty Crocker Warm Delights 0.50/1 IP: (EHRE; IP: (HERE))=0.85/1

~Reynolds Baking Cups 36CT Pastels/100CT Minis 0.25/2(EXP 5/1, 3/21 SS)=1.63/2

~Alexia Garlic Buttery French Bread $0.55/1(EXP 5/2, 3/21 SS)=0.85/1

~Morton's Season All 0.55/1 IP: (HERE)=0.84/1

~French's Honey Dijon 0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 3/21 SS)=0.89/1

~French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce 0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 3/21 SS)=0.89/1

~Vanity Fair Napkins 0.50/1(EXP 6/30, 3/14 RP)=0.89/1

~Totinos Pizza 0.60/3(EXP 5/1, 2/7 SS)=2.85/3

~Campbells V8 Soups 0.75/1(EXP 4/30, 2/7 SS)=0.94/1

~Grill Mates Shakers Seasoning Blends 0.50/1 (EXP 5/30, 4/18 RP)=0.95/1

~Jello Gelatin 0.75/1 IP: (HERE)=0.94/1

~Sargento's Reduced Sodium Shredded Cheese 0.75/1 IP: (HERE; EXP 7/1, 4/18 SS)=0.94/1

~Reynolds Oven Bags; 2CT 0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 3/21 SS)=0.99/1

~Newman's Own Can Dog Food 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=0.99/1

~Betty Crocker BOX Instant Potatoes 0.25/1(EXP 5/22)=1.00/1


Harris Teeter Triple Coupons: Free Items

Harris Teeter is tripling coupons until May 4th, 2010. Here are the coupon matchups for items at Harris Teeter that you can get for FREE. This list was provided by jleonard2004 of

~Mahatma Rice; 5oz 0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 2/8 RP; EXP 7/31, 4/25 RP)=FREE!

~Hershey Bliss Bar Singles 0.55/1(4/25 SS)=FREE!

~Mahatma Rice; 5oz 0.75/2(EXP 7/31, 4/25 RP)=FREE!

~Viva Single Roll 0.85/1(EXP 6/06, 4/25 RP)=FREE!

~Mentos 0.55/1(EXP 7/31, 4/25 RP)=FREE!

~Vlassic Salad Cubes/Sweet Relish 0.75/1(BLINKIE)=FREE!

~Newman's Own Cat Food Single Can 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Grill Mates Pouch Seasoning 0.50/1 (EXP 5/30, 4/18 RP)=FREE!

~Ortega Seasoning 0.75/2(EXP 7/31, 4/18 SS)=FREE!

~Ortega Refried Beans 0.75/2(EXP 7/31, 4/18 SS)=FREE!

~Coke; 20oz 0.50/1 TEARPAD=FREE!

~Dawn; 10.53oz 0.50/1(EXP 4/30, 4/4 PG)=FREE!

~Breyers YoCrunch 0.75/1(EXP X/XX, X/XX XX)=FREE!

~Barilla Piccolini/Whole Grain Pasta 0.55/1(EXP X/XX, 3/7 SS)=FREE!

~Palmolive 0.75/1(EXP X/XX, X/XX XX)=FREE!

~Kraft BBQ Sauce 0.55/1 BOOKLET(@ Food Lion NOW)=FREE!

~Skinny Water 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Powerade 0.75/2 TEARPAD=FREE!

~Stride Gum 0.50/1(EXP 5/22, 3/14 SS)=FREE!

~Sargento Shredded Reduced Sodium Cheese; 8oz 0.75/1 4/18 SS & IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Yoplait Greek Yogurt 0.45/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Sobe Life Water 0.50/1 TEARPAD=FREE!

~Farm Rich Cheese Dippers 0.75/1=FREE!

~Mission Tortillas 0.55/1 PEELIE=FREE!

~Old El Paso Green Chilies 0.55/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!
**Get 3 of these, and 3 FREE Seasonings(with buy one, get a free seasoning peelies) and qualify for a $3.00 CAT!!**


Save on Your Next Order at Harris Teeter

First of all, you're probably wondering what OYNO means. It stands for On Your Next Order. If you purchase any set of the following items in one transaction, you can get discounts on your next order.

Don't forget that Harris Teeter is tripling coupons until May 4th, 2010!!!

Here is a list of discounts you can get on the transaction following the purchase of the following items. This list was provided by member jleonard2004.

Totinos Crisp Crust Party Pizza Products ~4/5 through 5/30~

Buy 4 to 5 get 1.00 OYNO
Buy 6 to 7 get 2.00 OYNO
Buy 8 or more get 3.00 OYNO

~All items must be purchased in one shopping order.*

~0.60/3(2/7 SS)

Deal for this week:
Buy 9 pizzas, use three 0.60/3 for a total of:
8.55/9 pizzas plus a 3.00 OYNO back


Old El Paso(Taco shells, dinner kits, seasoning, refried beans or heat and serve side dishes) ~4/19 through 5/16~

Buy 3 get 1.00 OYNO Beef/Chicken Purchase
Buy 6 get 3.00 OYNO Beef/Chicken Purchase

*All items must be purchased in one shopping order.*
*Limited to product in stock.*

~$1.00/4 OEP Products TEARPAD
~Buy any OEP Product, get a free OEP Seasoning PEELIE
~$1.00/1 OEP Refried Beans PEELIE

Deal for the week:

Buy 8 Seasonings=7.92-(VIC discount)=3.96/8-1.00(TEARPAD off 4)=2.96-4(peelies for free seasoning)=FREE to -1.00(YMMV)
Buy 3 Refried Beans, 3 Seasonings=7.92-(3 1.00/1 peelies)=4.92-(VIC discount)=3.44-3(free seasoning peelies)=0.47/6


Kelloggs Cereals(8oz or larger) ~5/1 through 5/14~
Buy 3 get 2.00 OYNO
Buy 4 get 3.00 OYNO
Buy 5 or more get 4.00 OYNO

*All items must be purchased in one shopping order.*

~0.70/1 Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops BLINKIE


Totinos Rolls Snacks(Excludes thr 15ct boxes) ~4/19 through 5/30~

Buy 2 get 2.00 OYNO
Buy 3 get 3.50 OYNO
Buy 4 or more get 5.00 OYNO

*All items must be purchased in one shopping order.*

Scott Products ~4/23 through 5/18~

Buy 2 DIFFERENT Scott product categories get 2.00 OYNO
Buy 3 DIFFERENT Scott product categories get 3.00 OYNO
Buy 4 DIFFERENT Scott product categories get 5.00 OYNO

*All items must be purchased in one shopping order.*


South Beach Living(Fiber Fit Bars, Protein Fit Bars or 100 Calorie Snack Bars) ~4/23 through 5/16~

Buy 2 get 1.50 OYNO
buy 3 get 3.00 OYNO
Buy 4 get 4.00 OYNO

*All items must be purchased in one shopping order.*


Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs(3.7 oz or larger) ~4/23 through 5/16~

Buy 2 get 1.00 OYNO
Buy 3 get 2.00 OYNO
Buy 4 get 3.00 OYNO

*All items must be purchased in one shopping order.*


Post Cereal(10 oz. or larger) ~4/23 tthrough 5/16~

Buy 4 get 3.00 ONYO
Buy 5 or more get 4.00 ONYO

*All items must be purchased in one shopping order.*


Monday, April 26, 2010

Preview Coupons in Sunday Paper Early:

If you're not sure about buying the Sunday paper or you're debating on buying multiple copies, maybe this nice widget from will make things easier. The widget displays coupons available from SmartSource and RedPlum.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video: Saving 97% at the Grocery Store with Coupon Mom

Watch as a mom of 5 kids and 7 pets saves 97% on her groceries with the help of Coupon Mom. Coupon Mom explains how to find coupons and match them with in store deals.

If you would like to get more information about couponing, you may want to consider purchasing the book The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Video: Extreme Coupons

Twenty seven year old Nathan Engels decorates his driveway with jello boxes to welcome ABC Nightline when they visit him for an interview about extreme couponing. Nathan operates the website

Jill Cataldo teaches classes about coupons and is able to feed her family of five with under $40 per week.

Watch the video to see who can stretch $50 the furthest at the grocery store.


Video: Steps to Using Coupons

Step 1: Get multiple Sunday papers. In Charlottesville, the Washington Post has coupon inserts.

Step 2: Print coupons online.

Step 3: Go the websites for manufacturers. By joining their website, you can often print coupons directly from the website or receive coupons by email.

Step 4: Organize your coupons. The video suggests an accordion style folder, but you may find a 3-Ring binder with clear baseball card holders more helpful.

Step 5: Figure out the policies for coupons at your favorite stores. You may want to print these for your reference or to take to stores in case you run into any problems. TIP: Don't try to use expired coupons. This is the quickest way to annoy your favorite store.

Step 6: Go to websites for stores once their new ads have posted. You may find it easier to visit the forum at websites such as and to get a list of items on sale.

Step 7: Praise your favorite manufacturers. Email them with nice comments about their products or about how you'd like to try their products.

Step 8: Swap coupons with other people.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Sales Cycle at Kroger

If you haven't already noticed, Kroger sets up its sales by region. In Virginia, we're considered to be in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our sales start on Sunday and end Saturday. If you want to get a sneak peak at sales a few days earlier, take a look at Kroger's website and select a store in Texas. In Texas, sales run Wednesday to Tuesday. Sales prices will vary, but you can use this as a way to get a good idea of what's going to be on sale. This is especially useful so you can get your coupons organized.


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