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Free Smart Balance Milk
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Harris Teeter Triple Coupons: Free Items

Harris Teeter is tripling coupons until May 4th, 2010. Here are the coupon matchups for items at Harris Teeter that you can get for FREE. This list was provided by jleonard2004 of

~Mahatma Rice; 5oz 0.50/1(EXP 5/31, 2/8 RP; EXP 7/31, 4/25 RP)=FREE!

~Hershey Bliss Bar Singles 0.55/1(4/25 SS)=FREE!

~Mahatma Rice; 5oz 0.75/2(EXP 7/31, 4/25 RP)=FREE!

~Viva Single Roll 0.85/1(EXP 6/06, 4/25 RP)=FREE!

~Mentos 0.55/1(EXP 7/31, 4/25 RP)=FREE!

~Vlassic Salad Cubes/Sweet Relish 0.75/1(BLINKIE)=FREE!

~Newman's Own Cat Food Single Can 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Grill Mates Pouch Seasoning 0.50/1 (EXP 5/30, 4/18 RP)=FREE!

~Ortega Seasoning 0.75/2(EXP 7/31, 4/18 SS)=FREE!

~Ortega Refried Beans 0.75/2(EXP 7/31, 4/18 SS)=FREE!

~Coke; 20oz 0.50/1 TEARPAD=FREE!

~Dawn; 10.53oz 0.50/1(EXP 4/30, 4/4 PG)=FREE!

~Breyers YoCrunch 0.75/1(EXP X/XX, X/XX XX)=FREE!

~Barilla Piccolini/Whole Grain Pasta 0.55/1(EXP X/XX, 3/7 SS)=FREE!

~Palmolive 0.75/1(EXP X/XX, X/XX XX)=FREE!

~Kraft BBQ Sauce 0.55/1 BOOKLET(@ Food Lion NOW)=FREE!

~Skinny Water 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Powerade 0.75/2 TEARPAD=FREE!

~Stride Gum 0.50/1(EXP 5/22, 3/14 SS)=FREE!

~Sargento Shredded Reduced Sodium Cheese; 8oz 0.75/1 4/18 SS & IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 0.50/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Yoplait Greek Yogurt 0.45/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!

~Sobe Life Water 0.50/1 TEARPAD=FREE!

~Farm Rich Cheese Dippers 0.75/1=FREE!

~Mission Tortillas 0.55/1 PEELIE=FREE!

~Old El Paso Green Chilies 0.55/1 IP: (HERE)=FREE!
**Get 3 of these, and 3 FREE Seasonings(with buy one, get a free seasoning peelies) and qualify for a $3.00 CAT!!**


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