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Monday, May 10, 2010

Get Your Kitchen Organized Spotlight

After stockpiling some of the items I've gotten with coupons, I'm beginning to run out of space! Here are a few products that I've come across that I think may solve some of my storage problems.

I often buy lots of yogurt, cream cheese, and other small items. I like the fact that I can slide this entire rack without having to move each item. That saves time when I making room for new groceries.

I've seen some stockpilers that have entire shelving units to store canned foods, but that's a little extreme for me right now since there are only 2 people in my household.

Under my bathroom and kitchen sinks you will find lots of cleaning supplies. This shelving unit fits around most pipes. This makes it easier to see everything under your sink so you don't have to pull each item out to see the label.

These are useful for bags/pouches of food. You can label the container with the category of food you store in it. I tend to stock up on granola bars and take them out of the box to save space.

Here are digital coupon codes for the website.


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